Timber Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are usually pitched at an angle less or equal to10 degrees. Flat roofs are preferred to pitch roofs if one wishes to leave room for expansion. Pitch roofs unlike the flat roofs, may block the neighbors view and light. Also, pitched roofs are associated with water-draining problems. It is also difficult and expensive to control water into the gutters once one adds another roof valley. Timber flat roof construction is cheap and easy. In cases of extensions, there are no extra costs incurred to control roof water. Water is easily directed into the new gutters.
The construction of the timber flat roofs requires some expertise otherwise, you will end up with a messy roof. Flat roofs are prone to leakage because water does not drain at an angle. The timbers are covered with boards which are then covered using either rubber or felt to make them water-proof. This arrangement provides extra warmth during winter season.